Artist Statement

My drawings, paintings, installations, books, and objects are both meditative and contradictory.

I have long used found objects, mundane materials and multiples to explore life cycles, personal questions and dilemmas, and to distill visual surroundings into color samples and grids. Recently, I have added stitchery to my repertoire. My artwork sometimes references gardening and the complicated, mysterious lives of plants.

After teaching art in colleges and independent secondary schools and working as a graphic designer, I am now a full-time studio artist. Approaching my work with fresh purpose, I see the threads that connect my endeavors from many years ago to the present time.

Recently, I have been making art with materials accumulated over the years—cotton sock tops, Fabriano Mill paper samples, odd pieces of fabric, suture and cotton threads, papers left behind by a dear friend, my doll bed blanket, a tattered quilted bedspread. All resonate with me, some for unknown reasons.

Why did I keep these things and not others? I have a history with them, although some of that history is obscure. I am pulling them along into the present, sometimes alone and sometimes into new work.